Sunday, August 25, 2013

Attention people...( important )

Assalamualaikum readers...the reason I write this entry is to inform all of you that I have change my url...
This is not my main blog this is just a moving page...I have change my url from  to
You won't get my latest entry update on my new url blog if you don't re-follow my new url blog..( unfollow my blog here then re-follow back ) ask me if you don't understand what I meant...
So,please help me by doing that if not, my new entry update will not appear in your dashboard...If you have exchange your link with me please update my new link and your link will be shown in my new url blog... Ok that's all...thanks for your willing to read this post... :')

New update on my new url blog : Freebies: Background diagonal stripe and Tutorial: Youtube music player  Have a nice day... c; 

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